Drug Reviews
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Drug Reviews

Drug checks for prescription medications are a legal requirement. These regulations exist to protect your pet.

Prescription medications are controlled for various reasons, some more strictly than others.

For each prescription medication, there are different timescales set for how often these reviews need to be carried out. For most prescription flea and worm controls, these reviews will be annual, but for prescription drugs such as antibiotics, steroids and epilepsy medications, which are far more strictly regulated these days, the review frequency will be much shorter.

Our vets will determine how frequently a drug review is necessary to comply with current legislation and this will be noted on your pet's records. Nurses and receptionists are only allowed to dispense prescription medications according to the vet's instructions. If the timescale for repeat medications has been exceeded, then you will need to bring your pet in for a drug review before any further medications can legally be dispensed.